WC Rebels iRace Pro RP WCR 14 yw/bk

With the World Cup Rebels i.Race Pro you have a multi-talented thoroughbred racer under your feet. Trust your expert technique and effortlessly master tight or long turns, on any terrain or slope.

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Preț Normal: 3.150,00  RON

Preț Redus 2.739,00  RON

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Look no further than the World Cup Rebels i.Race Pro for the perfect all-round race ski: the construction of a race ski with a medium radius. Ideal for aggressive, race-proven skiers who want perfect control in short or long turns. This is a ski that reacts instantly to your moves which turns quickly and grips immediately. As an expert skier, you stay fully in control, even in steep terrain. It's truly a versatile race ski with a comfortable feel.
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